This website is full of
symbols which have
been vibrating around
you and within you for
your entire lifetime (no
matter your age).

This website will help
you to develop the
fuzzy eyes of spirit,
wherein you gain your
true sight, and it will
help you to listen with
new ears to a language
known only to your
body and your soul.

The voice of the master
can then be heard from
the newly connected
light pathways in your
body and especially in
your heart.

    I invite you to come with me
    on a journey of discovery ~ A
    journey you were destined to
    take from the beginning of

    Put on your fuzzy eyes and see
    things with your spiritual eyes
    instead of your earthly eyes.  

    Pick up your GOLDEN KEY
    and never stop yearning and
    pushing for more truth and

    It has been 25 years since I
    picked up my golden key
    from spirit.

    This website has been up for
    nearly 22 years in one form or
    another.  First, it was the
    Golden Key and then,
    secondly, it was The
    Language of Light.

    The important thing,
    however, is that it has
    remained a beacon of light
    and truth for many over the

    Both the Golden Key and the
    Language of Light websites have
    opened with a key phrase ~

    "What would you do if you
    were given a GOLDEN KEY
    to awaken humanity from a
    deep sleep?"

    This continues to be a strong theme.  

    What would you do?

    This symbol is a powerful reminder of the
    power which resides within us.  This is the
    symbol which was given to me during my
    out-of-body experience.

    It will be described in its entirety in the
    Language of Light Alphabet which is
    available within this website.  

  This is the symbol for HEART.

Since the beginning of time we have
wondered at how spirit moves within us
personally and, of course, how spirit
creates and moves in the cosmos.

You will learn about a new energy and the
harmony which must be achieved between
hydrogen and oxygen to reach that power.  

Well, my friends, you have a power within
you as well and that power can only be
reached by understanding the CITY OF
LIGHT within you and how you use
HYDROGEN to reach the knowledge of your

Look at the visual of the DNA STRAND.  
You will notice that the outside ribbons
which contain the structure of the DNA
strand are actually hydrogen glue.  

HYDROGEN is what I call God's Computer
and you do have the password to that
computer (so you can be a creator) within
your human body and also even within

Part One and Part Two

On January 9th, 2014, I was on the Stargate
Round Table Radio Show.

This powerful presentation about the Arc of the
Covenant is important to every single person on
this planet.  

The Arc of the Covenant is not what you think it is
and you need this in your life at this very moment
to help our planet and its people.

On the night of the Winter Solstice, December 21,
2013, I was told to prepare the world for the
Cosmic Heart Completion and so the COSMIC
HEART PRESENTATION was given to a very
receptive audience.

This activation is your own very personal

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