Human Soul Path

    We were spun out of the gossamer reflection of GOD'S perfect neutral
    LIGHT and we are the mirror reflections of that state of NEUTRAL
    PERFECTION.  Thus, the mirror reflection of that neutral imprint is
    readable in each individual's eyes, where the SOUL PATH is recorded.

    The MIRROR OF THE SOUL, our eyes, are the instrument through
    which we can gain further understanding of ourselves and our world. It
    is through our EYES that our walk on this planet EARTH is
    interpreted, understood, and mirrored back to all those souls we meet
    and interact with in this three-dimensional world.

    We breathe the light of this world into our lungs which is known as
    inspiration and we breathe out through our lungs the worldly
    circumstances which surround us and which is known as expiration.
    Thus, we are inspired by the light and we are daily given the
    opportunity to expire (finish/close) the daily circumstances which keep
    us in bondage or those which cause us to separate ourselves from the
    neutral light.

    The SERAPHIM have instructed me that if mankind would expire each
    day's circumstances just before they retire each night, they could start
    each day with a fresh breath of lighted opportunity and the neutral
    image of a new day.

    Since the beginning of time, MAN has been questioning the earth walk
    and its significance.  The questions of why, how come, and what next
    have ever been the mystery of life on this planet.  

    How can we solve this riddle and move ourselves into the
    realm of a knowing spiritual adept?

    By using astrologers, prophets, clairvoyants, spiritualists and psychics,
    we have been in search of information which was beyond our individual

    What if each one of us has already been given the tool for
    activating our own mastery?

    What if we have been staring at the next step in our life every
    time we brush our teeth, comb our hair or put on make-up?

    What if we have already been given the tool to figure out how
    to change our life circumstance and through which areas we
    could make the best soul advancement?

    What if our health is a direct reflection of the words we
    surround ourselves with, but more importantly, what if our
    health is a direct reflection of the circumstances which we
    refuse to move out of in order to reflect perfect health?

    I have always been a firm believer in the old adage that any decision is
    better than no decision.  Yet, there is a perfect decisional tool which is
    vibrating around each one of us. This decisional tool is one through
    which we could potentially take charge and reactivate our true soul
    path.  This tool could potentially help us gain mastery over this plane of

    If you knew that this tool existed would you use it?

    What if this tool also reflected the times in which each one of us has not
    been the master of our own destiny?  What if this tool also had the
    power to confirm our stubborn attachment to the circumstances and
    people within our lives that have caused us to not reflect the PERFECT

    These past few years have been, for me, MAGICAL AND
    POWERFUL.  I am constantly being soul stretched and inspired by the
    in-flow of the never-ending stream of TRUTH which travels through
    the GOLDEN WEB.  

    As a newly reconnected particle within that GOLDEN WEB, I
    sometimes receive things which make absolutely no sense to me at the
    time.  However, I eventually receive the pieces of the puzzle in their
    entirety and then wonder how I didn't see it that way before.  This
    document is just such an occurrence.

    So, it is my privilege to present to you the TRUTH which has been
    presented to me by the GUARDIANS of this soul-path information, the

    The beginning steps to understanding the soul path and each
    individual's soul patterning began to materialize when I was writing my
    book from spirit, THE UNDERSTANDING HEART.  Consistently and
    insistently, I was led to the quotation below from the book Earth which
    was channeled by Barbara Marciniak.

    "Eventually, the strands of DNA will be read in the iris
    of the eye."

    One day, as I was sitting at my computer writing something entirely
    different, the above sentence kept going through my mind.   kept trying
    to put it out of my mind, but this was not to be.  A very strong voice
    within me said very forcefully ...

    "Judy, go look at your eyes in the mirror."

    Of course when I finally complied, I was staring at the three circles of
    existence and the symbol for MAN in the Language of Light alphabet.

    As an aside, I was instantaneously made aware of this crop circle
    symbol for MAN while I was browsing through a metaphysical book
    store.  I had asked about some books on crop circles and when a book
    was placed in my hands with a picture of some crop circles on the cover,
    I immediately knew that the three circles were the symbol for MAN.  I
    didn't really KNOW how I knew, but I was absolutely certain of this
    information which seemed to arise from a center place of POWER.

    This was also a time when I was still influenced by the DIVINE
    BREATH OF GOD and was vibrating with such JOY that it was almost
    unable to be contained.  My crop circle statement had startled me with
    its underlying absolute KNOWING and this same crop circle statement
    was the beginning of the symbol information which has been working
    within and through my personal world since that time.

    The Language of Light symbol for MAN has been given before, but for
    the purposes of this document, it is again an important component and I
    would like to provide it here:


    As you look at your eye in the mirror, you see the DIVINE
    PATTERNING of the three circles which are representative of:

    GOD (the outer circle)

    MAN (the middle circle)

    The hidden GOD within MAN which is the darkened
    inner circle.

    The three-dimensional TRUTH of life and the TRUTH of the BIBLE
    which talks of the TRINITY ~ FATHER, SON AND HOLY GHOST.

    This is the grand TRUTH that we are always within GOD and GOD is
    always within each one of us.  The story of the microcosm within the
    macrocosm is now very visible within the mirror, as you look at your
    eye, as well as being the absolute TRUTH through the symbols of the
    Language of Light themselves.

    Of course, the IRIS of the eye is the colored portion and you must
    understand that we live within the third dimension on a planet of color
    and within a world of color. In fact, the term human being, as told to me
    through the SERAPHIM, can be interpreted to mean:

    A many-colored or HUED MAN who lives within the confines
    of his/her personal dominion or STATE OF BEING.

    With this information above as the basis of this newest document of
    TRUTH, I would now like to give you the latest wave of spiritual
    TRUTH which has washed over me like a giant tsunami and which has
    left in its wake a new tool to be used in divining our true nature, our
    SOUL PATH and our connection and affinity to certain people who
    reflect back a mirror (through their eyes). The mirror-reflection of that
    interconnected SOUL ESSENCE fits the pattern within our eyes and
    we are forever linked to an interactive response within this plane of

    Our eyes are a DIVINE DIAGRAM or TEMPLATE of interconnected
    SOUL ESSENCE for interaction on this planet.

    Through this understanding and knowledge, we can now see why we
    are attracted to certain people and circumstances within our lives.

    This, then, is the new scientific tool of reading the eye template to
    determine our SOUL PATH, our DNA of the spirit realm, and that
    which is the only TRUTH of this world.

    Through the SERAPHIM, I have learned that the term DNA literally

    We are locked into the double-helix DNA until we start the spiral of
    soul truth through the reconnection mechanism which is the magical
    electrical ARC OF THE COVENANT.

    Through the reconnection of the disconnected circular element within
    the heart, we start the double-helix to spiral and this is when we
    achieve our new DNA of twelve strands. The perfectly complete circle
    of NEUTRALITY is then our DNA pattern.

    A complete study of any individual's eye will lock you into the akashic
    record of that individual soul.  Not only can you look at this earth
    experience, but you can also attune yourself to the soul memory and
    the beauty which is locked into each experienced LIFE-STREAM.

    So, let us look at an eye for the patterning and TRUTH which is
    contained within its circular borders. For the purpose of diagnosing
    illness and for the purpose of finding our SOUL PATH, we must drop
    the outer circle and concern ourselves only with the middle portion, the
    IRIS, or the colored portion of the eye. In the crop circle symbol for
    MAN, the middle circle represents MAN and, thus, it also hides the key
    to our SOUL PATH.

    If you look at your eye through a magnifying glass and intently study its
    fibers and parameters, you will start to see a CORONAL FLARE area
    right outside of the PUPIL. This area is the area of the eye where the
    SOUL PATH becomes apparent. This area is the area where your soul
    group is displayed in this three-dimensional world. There are twelve
    primary soul groups which become represented in this CORONAL
    FLARE area of the eye.

    See the diagram below:

    On any intense study of your own eye, you will start to see the
    gossamer webbing which is contained within the IRIS AREA of the eye.
    This gossamer webbing represents the strands which link you to the
    golden web of life.  This means that the eye also mirrors our connection
    to everything in the GOD REALM.  We are connected and
    interconnected with every plane of existence and every life stream that
    was ever broken away from the WHOLENESS OF THE GOD

    Hence, the eyes will contain strains or areas of pooled dark energy.
    These are the areas which need to be developed and worked on or
    through.  The light areas are those areas through which you can
    transmute your present circumstance whatever that may be. We are
    always given a way out of any nonviable situation which we find in our
    lives, whether this be a health-related problem or a relationship
    problem.  The answers to your personal circumstances are circulating
    around you daily and are contained within the eyes which stare back at
    you when you comb your hair or put on makeup.

    The SERAPHIM have been working with me for several months on this
    information and I am being awakened from a dense earth sleep and
    encoded to remember that which I have always known.   I am
    awakened from sleep at night and my heart will be fluttering and I feel
    the fluttering of wings around the bed and then I hear the CHOIR OF

    I had written this article and thought that it was finished, only to be
    awakened last night by the angel voices and told to rewrite it.  I was
    shown more and more and some of this information will have to await a
    further document because I am still filtering this information through
    my limited earthly body.

    Last night, September 27, 1996, I was shown how to use the symbols of
    the Language of Light to their best advantage through the elliptical
    borders of our EYES.  The eyes, of course, are the tool which the soul
    uses to view the three-dimensional world of earth.  By allowing the
    circular patterning of the symbols to be displayed before our eyes, we
    are awakening ourselves to the SOUL PATH patterning,  the DIVINE
    TEMPLATE which lies within the circular borders of our eyes (the
    three circles of infinite truth and beauty).

    Luke 11:33 & 34 ~ "No man, when he hath lighted a candle,
    putteth it in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a
    candlestick, that they which come in may see the light. The
    light of the body is the eye."

    God placed the LIGHT OF THIS TRUTH for all to see.   The TRUTH
    is magnified and reflected within the eyes of mankind.  The circular
    nature of the pure white GOD REALM, as well as the circular borders
    of the internalized GOD.  In addition, we came forth out of the realm
    of spirit with our soul patterns emblazoned within the iris of our eyes.
    As we walk on this planet earth, we meet the people who respond to
    that subconscious patterning and, thus, we interact with the intended
    energy patterns for this lifetime experience. All of our relationships
    have been activated first by the SOUL PATH PATTERNS which are
    displayed in our eyes.

    Luke 8:17 ~ "For nothing is secret, that shall not be made
    manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and
    come abroad."

    The time is NOW for this TRUTH to be made known, according to the
    SERAPHIM.  The encoded blueprint for this lifetime and its ultimate
    experiences are contained within the iris of the eye.  It has always been
    there staring at us and we go through this life experience unaware of
    this TRUTH which we encounter daily, through our own eyes and
    through the eyes of everyone we meet or see daily.

    Revelations 22:4 ~ "And they shall see his face; and his name
    shall be in their foreheads."

    The next time you look in the mirror, behold GOD, and hear him
    whisper to you from the secret place within you to know the TRUTH.

    With the above information firmly established within you, you can now
    take the LANGUAGE OF LIGHT into your SOUL PATH template
    which resides within your eyes and convert the knowledge which is
    contained therein.  You must play these symbols through the memory of
    your SOUL PATH template in order to convert the LANGUAGE OF

    Last night, I was awakened by the ANGEL CHOIR and shown another
    level of understanding on how to work with this information.   Just as a
    phonograph record works from the outside and grooves itself inward,
    you should start looking at the outer edge of the IRIS and work inward
    in a spiraling fashion. This means, as I look at it now, that we are
    spiraling in toward the hidden GOD within us. This all makes sense to
    me and is the CHRIST TRUTH. We spiral in to meet our GOD and on
    that joyous day, we meet the TRUTH of who we are and from whence
    we came.

    Additionally, the SERAPHIM have shared the truth of HEAVEN with
    me. The term HEAVEN literally means a heaving-in toward the
    wondrous reunion with that which has always been within us.  As I
    record this on the computer, I hear the angel voices and feel the flutter
    of wings next to my body.

    The SERAPHIM are continuing to work with me regarding the
    intelligible reading of these SOUL PATH PATTERNS and
    TEMPLATES and I will have much more to share with you in the near

    I would like to ask each one of you to visualize your eyes through a
    magnifying glass and notice your magnificent WEB OF LIFE.  Notice
    the pooled areas of darkness and the wondrous lighted areas and ASK
    TRUTH, by the way, corresponds to the twelve tribes of Israel, as
    found in the Bible.

    The magic realm of the SPIRITUAL EYE is certainly one which needs
    far more documentation and research.  I, for one, am anxious to
    continue this work.  I would like to document and bring forth this
    science for all of mankind.  This takes funding and time and, at this
    point in my life, I don't have the necessary time or funding available.
    The eyes are going to be read, as a matter of course, upon the entrance
    of the new babies in the future.  This is how each child will be placed on
    their truth earth path.  The future is bright with promise, we just need
    the tools to make a bright future possible.

    Egyptian Creation Myth

    I AM one that transforms into two.

    I AM two that transforms into four.

    I AM four that transforms into eight.

    After that I AM one again.